Things You Need To Do Before Your First Round Of Golf

When you start preparing for a golf playing session, there are many things that can make you overwhelmed. And no matter how carefully and thoroughly you learn at your golf classes, things would be really different on the course field.
I am sure that you already know about the golf rules as well as the golf etiquettes that you need to follow. I am also be certain that you already have your own set of clubs, balls and other useful and effective gear to support your game.
However, there are also several things that can affect your performance of the game as well. You should know about them in order to prepare better for your upcoming game.
Here are things that you need to do before you start your first round of golf:

1/ Come Earlier

I know that your group agree to meet at 1.30 on the first tee and that is the time that you will shot the first ball already.
When they say that the group needs to be at the green at 1.30, it means that you need to be at the parking lot of the golf course at around 1 or 1.10 at the maximum.
You need to allow for extra amount of time for parking, checking in, loading your bags into the closet and warming up for the golf session. All the activities will take at least 20 minutes depending on how much you warm up.
And you should never forget to warm up before each game. It could help you be more flexible and prepare you physically for the upcoming game. In addition, it can also help you to relax and be mentally prepared.

2/ Control Your Nerves

I still remember how worried and nervous I was the first time I go to the golf course. They are kind of good feelings if you know how to control them well.
However, if you are too nervous, that will severely affect your overall performance. The trick here is that you get yourself busy and let your mind think about something else other than the game.
Here are some things you can do to forget the feeling of nervousness: talk to other members on your group, do some warm up exercises, drink something and finally take a few deep breaths.

3/ Put Your Phone Behind

Before the start of the first round, finish everything that you have to do with your phone such as calling, checking your emails and send some few messages. After that, you should consider putting your phone at the silence mode, sliding it to your pocket and forget about it until the game ends.
A smart phone would be a great distract to prevent you from truly enjoy the nature around you. In addition, when you have to take a call in the middle of the game, it will also distract other people. For a worse case, people might have to wait for you to finish your call and your turn before they can proceed.
After all, playing golf is not much about winning but having fun and improving your soft skills. There are many things that you need to prepare but when you are in the green, just forget about everything and enjoy any moment you have.
You will sure get better at golf later on. But for the thing that you have learned on the golf course in your first round, I am sure that you will never forget for the rest of your life.

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