Let’s Have A Perfect Start In Golf!

To get a start in golf, you have to select a good and appropriate trainer, persist with the instruction of the trainer, and must not be affected by the tricks of others. You also can click here if you want to see some golf gps reviews. You will usually meet some states such as anyone when seeing you do exercise might give comments or advices to you that you need to impale like this or like that. However, please persist and keep in your mind the suggestion of the trainer and follow him. Although those who advice you also have the good reason, we do not know how true their motions are and whether they are suitable for you or not. So, if you are not cautious, the situation “when the plow between the roads” will happen. But if after a long time learning with the trainer you do not find a good improvement; then let’s look for another trainer for yourself. The continued essential thing is you must practice often and regularly, at least 2 or 3 times a week. 

Besides, holding the sticks is also as essential as holding a pair of chopsticks to take the food. If you can’t hold the sticks well, do not dream that the ball will follow your opinion. You also should not request yourself to do a full swing on the first time; you must divide into steps as 1/3 swing or ½ swing, and raise the level gradually later.

In fact, there are a lot of situations that because the golfers are so energetically without paying attention to their breath. When you do not breathe, breathe fast or rapidly in the period of hitting the ball, it can influence on your heart, make your body to be strung out as strings and can be “broken” at any time. Generally, you must be unhurried and calm when playing and specify that golf is a long-term sport, have the relaxing characteristics, not just over a night you can be good immediately. Moreover, when newly training, do not ask yourself to hit the balls with the amount so many. Just fewer than 200 balls in a training session are enough. You can also practice “cool”, or practice “slippery” (no ball) in order to be fluently before flicking the real ball. In conclusion, you should relax and do not try so much. Let’s trust that “there is practice, there will be success”.

Just need some practice sessions, you will enjoy soon! If you have ever taken the field playing golf with your friends, maybe you are showed some techniques. But, though your holding sticks and your standing pose are acceptable, when you coordinate them up to move, the trouble occurs. Therefore, the ball will fly not steadily, as far as near, as left as right, almost depend on luck. But, the trainers are so kind, they will impale so thoroughly for you. Even they also use the tablet or phone to record and then let you see to comment and impale. Let’s define that playing golf is a game for yourself, to make yourself happy, healthy and comfortable but do not make the competition or score problems become heavy, you will have many time to focus on technicality to be really good and meet the standard. You should also combine interspersed between practices and take the real field with a hope to improve faster. “Everything starts difficultly”, so please believe that yourself will play very well golf!


1. Do not waste money on the expensive set of sticks until you can play steadily.
2. Do not take the field before you achieve a certain class.
3. Train with your coach
4. Own the basic knowledge
5. Watch the professional golfer playing
6. Often practice.
7. Learn by heart the playing regulation and primary etiquette

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