How to Fix When Hitting Ball Is Shank

The blow caused the ball shank was 2 problems. The first is that golfers are at risk of losing more staff or more if a ball flying out fairway. The second that it will create a vicious circle, losing confidence and bewildering and stressful, even with good golfers. And golfers under stress have more risk shank. The blow was shank occurs without warning signs. It usually occurs in both bad and good golfers in the tournament when golfers under pressure, then his swing is no longer as usual.
  • So What Is the Shank?

          Sticks hit the ball sticks in the neck as shown below is common shank types. Also in the video of many experts guide mentions two other shank style with exposed locations ball sticks in the right neck and right sticks sticks neck. The first is how to beat golfers hit normal shank, straight shank is shaped between (but shot straight Shank, because right between old sticks), and a second type Pull shanks (Balls hit the edge of the bat).  Following below we will list the common causes of stroke was made shank.
  • Main Reason: When the Ball Sticks In Contact Moving From Outside to Inside

What makes the rod moves from outside to inside (to print out) like so:
+ 1. You make the downswing with the upper body forward pour, central body put forward too much when the impact on the ball.
Fixed: downswing and keep the body balanced, not biased to the front.
+ 2. Early error extension – Loins have pushed early, too much toward the ball, make the body move closer to the ball. This is the most common cause.
Fixed: downswing with sticks more closely to the body. Practice exercises with 2 balls.
Step 1: On the ball with the bat on the ball off target.
Step 2: When you start giving away the ball sticks in the early stages of the backswing is not brought into the inner rod, first try to put sticks along a straight line long target ball as possible.
Step 3: downswing keep people down foot sticks to roll in, do not pick up soon heels.
Step 4: Type in the ball inside, and shoulders in a straight line parallel to the target ball.
+ 3. When done backswing started putting sticks on the back (take away), golfers put into the club head in the process. Golfers clubhead taken too deep into the interior.
Fixed: Golf players should comply movements take away one piece and keep a straight bat on the outside appears blue in above (right movement).
When downswing should not push arm too far outward as shown in (movements were wrong). Keep your hands close to people as shown in below (right movement). You should stop at the 4 position like the location to test their hands and position the sticks.
An important note is slightly closed face will light sticks when the shaft parallel to the ground during the backswing is a common view among golfers hit good irons.
+ 4. When performing backswing body leaning towards the goal and the ball too much
This error occurred while performing the backswing, golfers moving head and shoulders ahead of him and left. Thus making downswing, you will be “over the top” sticks complementary top-down and from outside to inside, increases the chance of winning polishing sticks neck.
Fixed: Notice on stage take away and apply one piece type take away, to rotate the shoulder and right hip. Keep your head does not move forward (can move backwards a bit also no problem) when performing backswing.
  • Other Causes of Posture On the Ball

+ Error 1. Standing too close or too far from the ball
Fixed: Fix this by checking the distance from the ball to the right people. As shown in the figure below, you can use the right hand to tentatively distance from the shaft to the thigh. Butch Harmon longer follow (master of Tiger Woods for a while), then how to locate the shaft as follows: on the ball, and leaned forward, arms hanging down comfortably drop, which is the location of the two arms when sticks, and often the location of the two hands lying flat under the shoulders from your posture of the player.
+ Error 2. The error may stand too straight.
Fixed: Stand correct posture and keep it from being lifted in most swing (except near the end of the swing). Golfers stand bent forward from the waist, back straight, arms relaxed down, (not with the sticks out), body weight under inhibition feet, knees slightly slight elbow, head lifted up, along the spine, (when looking down at the ball seems to be slightly cropped eyes)

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