Core strength & balance with Momentus Golf products

If you search “golf fitness” on the internet, your result will be nearly 3,000,000 options from which to choose. Many PGA TOUR players visit the fitness trailer daily while on tour. Tiger Woods has made fitness just as important in his routine as practicing putting or hitting balls on the driving range. The Titleist Performance Institute grows every month and offers a myriad of fitness training opportunities. At the Butch Harmon School of Golf, the golf pros incorporate elements of golf fitness into their instruction with every client. It is safe to say that most golfers now recognize the value of a healthy and fit body for improved golf performance.

One company has led the way in providing products with easy-to-follow instructions to help golfers simultaneously improve their golf fitness level and their golf game. Momentus Golf recently launched a line of fitness products which merges fitness and the game of golf perfectly. Butch Harmon, voted

#1 Golf Instructor by his peers, uses these products at his School of Golf and with P GA TOUR players as does Sean Cochran, CSCS, PES, TPI, USWL, Fitness Trainer on the PGA TOUR.

“We know the importance of fitness in playing good golf, and we know that the average golfer doesn’t have time, energy or resources to hire a personal trainer or use involved systems, so we wanted to come up with equipment that anyone could use to improve their golf fitness anytime, anywhere,” Jim Sorenson, President and CEO of Momentus Golf, said.

The result of that quest is a line of unique, affordable golf fitness products using which addresses specific golf muscles and specific golf moves. All of the equipment comes with work-out routines developed by Sean Cochran. Momentus Golf led the way in using weight to teach golfers how to play better golf, and the line of weighted fitness products is the next step for a more fit, flexible, better player.

There are five weighted products in the fitness line. Starting from the top, The Shoulder Turn Vest features two five-pound weights designed with unique positioning directly over the shoulders, unlike most weighted vests which are made with the weight in the front and back of the vest. The golfer can make practice swings while wearing the weighted vest which will teach him to make a better and bigger shoulder turn, along with strengthening the key muscle groups in the core and the shoulders while creating a sense of balance.


The Weighted Hip Turn Belt has two five-pound weights with the golf-specific positioning directly over the hips. The weight will give the golfer a sense of engaging the hips early on in the golf swing to create power and to improve balance and timing.

Have you ever noticed the size of forearms that great golfers have? They are usually well-developed and strong. Strong forearms play an important role in hitting the ball long and in controlling the club around the green. The Power Hitter Golf Fitness Forearm Swing Weights are designed to place the three-pound weights in a targeted location to assist in developing stronger forearms quickly and easily while swinging a golf club.

Imagine what it would feel like to have some weight on the end of your arms while swinging a golf club. The feeling is ideal for sensing when to release the club. The Power Hitter Golf Fitness Wrist Weights help develop a powerful release by strengthening the wrists in a purely golf-specific way that will improve timing, rhythm, and tempo.

The equipment that has proven to elicit the most excitement on the PGA TOUR and among amateurs alike is The Foot Stability Weights. Weighing five pounds each, the weights rest on top of the feet from the toe to the ankle–providing balance and control in a way that is superior to any other. The weights can be used for a myriad of exercises to increase strength in a way no other weights can match. “Power starts from the ground up, and these foot weights work in a way that lets the golfer experience what it feels like to swing with power. I used to use sand bags to put on my student’s feet until Jim came up with these great foot weights,” Butch Harmon said.

Core strength and balance are very important to develop and maintain a great golf swing. Using weights and resistance training can be an extremely useful tool in perfecting a swing; however, without the proper instruction or equipment, it is possible to exercise or practice in an unproductive way or in a way that will actually hurt rather than help your golf game. “Jim has produced an outstanding and immensely effective system to work your entire core and golf-specific muscles while developing a swing that is on-plane with a square club face every time with the Power Plane Swing System,” Cochran said.

The Power Plane Swing System is an at-home compact golf fitness system which attaches to the base of a door and uses a weighted driver with a resistance power band to teach a proper swing while giving a great workout with every swing. The Power Hitter Golf Fitness Weights and The Power Plane Swing System can be used on their own or in conjunction with each other to design a work-out routine specific to your own needs.

“You risk looking like the guy from ‘Tin Cup,’ but most of us will do anything to improve our game, and looking a little silly doesn’t matter if we know that we can make progress and improve our performance,” Sorenson said.

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