Just who is this Mike Pedersen guy and why would anyone be interested in signing up forFitGolfForWomen.com?wlg_logo-300px

Mike Pedersen is widely acknowledged as one of the leading golf fitness experts in the United States, having taught thousands of golfers including golf pros, fitness trainers, etc. the fitness approach to playing a consistently great game of golf.

Mike has a degree in Exercise Physiology from Oregon State University and has been a certified fitness professional for 20 years. He has worked exclusively with golfers the last 8 years.

He is the featured golf fitness expert for Golf Magazine’s website GolfOnline.comand also pga.com. Mike has written countless articles that have been published in numerous magazines (including Pub Links Golfer, Arizona Golfer, and Men’s Health), journals and newspapers worldwide. He has also been the featured guest on several golf radio shows including ESPN Radio.

It took Mike years of working with his team of golf and fitness experts to develop the customized online golf fitness program trademarked the Power Performance Programâ„¢.

Mike personally designed all the golf-specific strength training, flexibility training, and cardiovascular exercise programs that are at the heart of the program.

And now he’s designed the Fit Golf For Women Program to specifically address the needs of the female golfer; which are much different than males.

A Decathlete Takes Up Golf-with a Passion

Mike’s athletic career spans more than 30 years and culminated in Track and Field where he was regionally (Pac 10) and nationally ranked in the javelin from 1982 to 1987; Mike made All Pac 10 in 1983.

After graduating from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, he moved on to decathlon competition and was a nationally-ranked decathlete for Canada from 1987 to 1989.

Mike has been certified by the American Council on Exercise since 1986. He worked as fitness director of a major health club chain and has had his own private fitness business for 16 years.

When his track-and-field career wound down, Mike picked up golf recreationally, then became obsessed with the game. “I bought every video, took every lesson I could, and read books to understand the golf swing.”

At first, Mike began studying the golf swing just to improve his own game (he plays to a single-digit handicap and can consistently drive the ball over 300 yards!).

Then he began applying his knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics of the swing to the individual golfers he works with.

Golf Fitness Author, Teacher, and Coach

|image2| Mike has given many seminars on Fitness for Golf to golfers at all levels and of all ages as well as to teaching golf pros.

He has written extensively on this subject, and published articles include “Get Fit To Play Better Golf” (Sun Golf Magazine) “Golf Fitness: The Missing Link” (Arizona Golf Association Magazine) “Play Consistently for 18 Holes” (Sun Golf Magazine), and “Hit It Longer And Straighter” (Arizona Golfer).

The point of all this . . .

The above information is not presented to impress anyone, just to show that Mike Pedersen has an established track record as a athlete and successful golf fitness professional.

The information, strength and stretching programs, articles, tips and techniques presented within his web site are based on years of experience and designed to help others get into and succeed in the goal of optimal golf performance.